Conference Room:  We have a small conference room available upon request for businesses & patrons.

Printing / Copying Services:

All black and white printouts are $0.25 each.
Some color on page $0.25; 1/4 page color $0.50; 1/2 page color $0.75; 3/4 page color $1.00; Full page color $1.50
Fax Service:    Long Distance Fax - First page $3.00;  Local Toll Free or Received Fax - First page $1.00; Additional fax pages $0.25 each
Scan to email - Same as local fax

Typing Services:

Full page typed and printed $5.00;  1/2 page typed and printed $2.50

Laminating Services:

Business card $0.50;  1/4 page document $0.75; Letter size document $1.00;  Legal size document $2.00;  Banners $1.50 per linear foot;
Posters $3.00;  Posters larger than 24" x 24" $3.00 plus $1.00 per linear foot. 

Disc Cleaning:  $1.00 each;  Hard case $2.00 each;  Disc Repair $5.00 each

Other Services:

Replacement Library Card $3.00
Extended Use Fees - Books $0.10 per day;  DVDs $1.00 per day
Book Coverings $1.00 per book

Notary Service $5.00 per stamp

Computer Use (if not a member) $1.00 per hour

Interlibrary Loans:  If you need a particular book that we do not have, often times we are able to receive it from the Houston Public Library. The only requirements are: a telephone contact number, a six month account in good standing with the library, and pay the postage to return the material (usually between $2.25 & $3.00 per book). You will have 5 days from the date the materials arrive to pick them up from the library.  You will receive a telephone call from the library on the day the materials arrive.

TexShare Program:  You must be 18 or older to obtain a TexShare card. Patrons must have at least a six month checkout history with the Shepherd Public Library and be in good standing with no excessive over due material, damages or charges. The TexShare card is issued at the discretion of the director. Being a member of the Shepherd Public Library does not automatically qualify you for a TexShare card. You must fill out an application in the library. The TexShare Databases may be accessed at the library or from your home computer. There is no charge for this service; however, you must fill out an application for home use. By signing the application you are agreeing to keep the User ID and password for your personal use. These databases are not available to persons residing outside the state of Texas. IP addresses are tracked from each computer that accesses the databases; any illegal use will result in your access being immediately revoked. You will have to obtain the User ID and password when you fill out your application. User ID’s and passwords change periodically.

Conference Room:  We have a small conference room available upon request for businesses & patrons.






30 North Liberty Street,
Shepherd, Texas 77371