check out periods / extended use fees / damaged or lost materials

Check Out Periods:

Books:  Four books, per member, for 14 days

DVDS: Four DVDs, total, per member, for 2 days.

Audio books:  Four audio books, per member, for 14 days (if only audio books are checked out).

Extended Use Fees:

Books and Audio books: $0.10 per day, per book, (not including weekends or holidays) up to the replacement cost of each book.

DVDS: $1.00 per day, per DVD, (not including holidays or weekends) up to the replacement cost of each DVD.

Books may be returned in the drop box in front of the library. DVDs and Audio books must be returned inside at the circulation desk. There is a $3.00 fee for each DVD and Audio book if returned in the drop box.

« If extended use fees are $3.00 and higher, all library privileges are suspended until paid in full. «

Damaged or Lost Material:

The fee for lost or damaged materials (beyond repair) is list price, plus a $3.50 processing fee.  If damaged materials can be repaired at the library, there will be a $3.50 fee.  We do not accept donations for lost or damaged materials.  We will, however, accept a replacement if the item is EXACTLY the same copy as the damaged or lost item.  You will also be charged an additional $3.50 to pay for processing, the lost barcode, book cover, and tagging.  You must talk to the director before buying a replacement item.





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