How to become a member


30 North Liberty Street,
Shepherd, Texas 77371

To be eligible to apply for a library card you are required to show a form of personal identification such as:

1) A valid Texas Driver’s License or ID card, which must include your current physical address and a second form of ID showing your physical address such as:

(a) a utility or phone bill in your name

(b)   a bank statement

(c) mail addressed to you at your residence and postmarked within 30 days, or

(d) a lease or rent receipt with the address in your name.

2) There is a $10.00 Annual Membership Fee which can be waived if you are a veteran of the armed forces, disabled, a senior over 65, or a recipient of Medicaid and have current proof.

Children under 18 years of age, living in the home with card holder, are free with the understanding that the adult is financially and morally responsible for checked out items.

At the time of renewal all personal information must be verified, overdue materials returned and all applicable extended use fees paid in full.

 There is a $3.00 charge to replace a lost or stolen card.